CTS – Little Shop of Horrors – Review

Little Shop of Horrors, Cabaret Theatre School, Brewhouse arts centre, Burton. November 25th and 26th.

For those unfamiliar with the plot – and this includes me – Little Shop of Horrors tells the tale of an alien plant bent on world domination.

The story of a talking plant that thrives on human blood harks back to the heyday of sci-fi films when creatures from the black lagoon played on Cold War fears of a Russian invasion.

But that is just a footnote in history.

Cabaret Theatre School’s production of the Alan Menken/Howard Ashman black comedy at the Brewhouse arts centre has plenty of vocal talent on show from the young cast.

Little Shop of Horrors tells of Seymour, played by Harry Whetton, who is bullied by flower store owner Mrs Mushnik, played by Lilly Prince, who is ready to shut up shop until . . .  Seymour reveals Audrey 2 – the alien plant voiced wonderfully by Sara Evans-Bolger.

Because of Audrey 2 Seymour’s life changes as the shop becomes successful and he becomes a celebrity. All the while longing for shopgirl Audrey, played by Hannah Birkin, after whom he named the blood drinking monster – some tribute eh, to notice him.

However, Seymour conceals the dark secret that Audrey 2 feeds on human blood. Mrs Mushnik and Audrey failing to link the plasters on his fingers to the growth spurts the plant is having.

As  Audrey 2 grows Seymour finds it needs more blood than he alone can supply

The fact that the girl he loves is being abused by her dentist  boyfriend gives Seymour the chance to source more nutrition for the plant and said dentist is soon helping Audrey 2 to grow.

Mama Mushnik puts two and two together and suddenly finds  herself  consigned to the by now giant maw of the plant.

Hannah Birkin’s rendition of Somewhere That’s Green was a highlight of the evening as was Suddenly Seymour.

Holding the plot together were a trio Skid Row kids named Chiffon, Ronnette and Crystal – spot the link – played by Dani Murden, Eleanor Skinner and Ashleigh Dudson.

A round of applause must also go to the magnificent puppets that represented the Audrey 2. A Youth Performance Arts Award from Burton Rotary Club helped to finance the hire of these all-important props, which added much to the show.

Congratulations to producer/choreographer Sally Everson and director Dan Webber. Musical director Charlotte Daniel led a trio of musicians gave the show a rock and roll edge.

Little Shop of Horrors will have two further performances today at Burton’s Brewhouse Arts Centre. ( Saturday 26th Nov.)
Box Office 01283 508100

Bill Pritchard.


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