Anything Goes – review

The Mellow Dramatics, Anything Goes, review

If there is any justice in the world then the Mellows will be playing to packed houses at Burton’s Brewhouse arts centre this week.

Quite simply, for me, this is one of the company’s best performances in a long time.

The evidence has been there for a while that Mellow Dramatics members have been growing in confidence and belief in themselves as the younger actors take on more challenging roles.

With Anything Goes, Cole Porter’s music and lyrics are at their peak with numbers such as You’re The Top, It’s Delovely, I Get a Kick out of You, Blow, Gabriel, Blow and of course the title song Anything Goes, while the book, written by Guy Bolton and PG Wodehouse and then revised by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse is packed with smart and sassy one-liners.

Dan Robb as Moonface Martin is coming on in leaps and bounds and as his confidence grows becomes more natural and relaxed. Tom Brassington as Billy Crocker and Joe Bromfield as Sir Evelyn are strong as the other two male leads, with Brassington’s voice managing the intricacies of notes and lyrics very well.

In what seems to be becoming a highlight in a Mellows’ show, choreographer Catherine Moore brings out some stunning dance sequences from the cast, most notably in Blow, Gabriel, Blow and the title song. Heaven Hop is another energetically performed sequence.

The comic timing of the cast is also progressing well and very few lines were lost under laughter as the cast had the confidence to await the right moment to deliver the punchlines.

The two female leads, Lucy Warner as American heiress Hope Harcourt and Lucy Robinson as the former evangelist turned nightclub songbird who leads a troupe of ‘angels’ are both excellent with Robinson having the more active role in the dance numbers and the larger onstage persona.

Natasha Ingham as Moonface’s glamourous companion Bonnie shows both her comic talents and some nimble footwork when called upon.

The set, although simple, manages to convey much more that the sum of its parts without intruding on, or slowing down, the action for which the backstage crew deserve a round of applause. The band also do a fine job without impinging on the action on stage.

So Bon Voyage to the good ship Anything Goes this week. I certainly got a kick out of you.

Anything Goes is at the Brewhouse arts centre, Burton, at 7.30pm every night this week until Saturday with a matinee on the Saturday at 2.30pm.

For ticket availability call the box office on 01283 508100.

Bill Pritchard.

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