Mellows – Honk

The Mellow Dramatics



Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 September

Honk is based on the classic tale of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ telling the story of an odd looking duck called Ugly and the quest to find his mother.

Ida and Drake await the birth of their new brood, but this year the nest ha an unusual egg inside, sure enough it cracks open to reveal an ugly little chick who is nothing like his siblings. He even makes a strange honk noise instead of a quack.

Come and join the Mellows ruffling their feathers and see what adventures await Ugly in this colourful tale.

Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm

(plus Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm)

Tuesday and Saturday Matinee: £10.00
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings: £12.00
Family/Small Group Offer: Buy 4 tickets and get a 5th one free on tickets for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Matinee shows

Brewhouse Box Office 01283 508100

Thanks to Natalie Veasey & Phillip Ingham Photography

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