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Well…Theatre Cats Stage School is about to start another term and it’s 7th year in business! Seven years ago, on Saturday 5th January 2008, the propriator Catherine Budworth, had just opened 2 classes at The Meadowside Leisure Centre in Burton on Trent. One for 8-12 years and one for 12-16 years (she didn’t teach the young uns then!) It didn’t take long though as on 26th January she opened a group for 5-8 year olds and on Monday 4th February their second senior class opened. Since then though Theatre Cats has grown in many ways! A second location in Newhall opened on Tuesday 22nd April and their first showcase performance was on Saturday 5th July. 2008 also saw the first Summer School which was African themed and the first Theatre Trips to see the musicals Blood Brothers and High School Musical along with its Theatre Cats Christmas show – Countdown to Christmas on 13th December. All that in just one year!

The journey obviously didn’t stop there as the following years brought new locations, classes and new staff. Theatre Kittens classes for pre-school children, Trinity College exams each year, show-in-a-week style Summer and Easter Schools including Wizard of Oz, Oliver and Beauty and the Beast. Other achievements have included raising money for Comic Relief, Children in Need and Me & Dee, opening community Glee style choir for children and adults, singing competitons, a Free Fun Day, Pick Up and Play guitar workshops and a big celebratory Christmas concert in December 2013 at The Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton.

So…what does the future hold?

“Our main aim is to obviously continue to build confidence and self esteem in children and young adults. If we can do this from the comfort of our own venue then that would be just perfect! We have a building in mind to create our very own Performing Arts Hub…so watch this space!”

If your child would like to attend a free taster class at Theatre Cats then simply pop along to or give them a call on 01283 337953.

Thanks to Cat Budworth for the info.

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