Film Acting Opportunity

From email to BADAC

I have been approached by David Wyllie a young enthusiastic film director who is looking for actors for his next film. Please understand – there is no money involved – but I know that there may be some interest from local amateurs.

David writes:-

I am looking for actors to star in an independent film (my second) which I aim to complete and enter for local and nation film festivals. I appreciate that I’m an unknown at this stage but I plan to operate, on a local level at least, as an independent filmmaker and script writer and this project will be my second step towards achieving that.

My film is based on the rather hot topic of cyberbullying and there is a multitude of layers as to the causes and effects of this for my characters. I’m currently in pre-production with a script that would benefit from a little more tweaking and an almost completed storyboard. That said, my casting requirements are as follows:-

Lisa – girl- 15-16

Paul – man – 30 ish

Danni – girl – 17-18

Alan – man – early 40s

Michael – boy – 9-10

I would probably require about half a dozen extras too but we could discuss that on the back of securing these key characters. The characters as I have listed them are pretty much in order regarding the importance of experience due to the drama and subject matter of my story but as long as they can act naturally in front of a camera then any inexperience wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I would be directing the film, and obviously I would provide sufficient character notes and profiles to guarantee maximum level of performance.

With regards to location, I have a house in Nottingham lined up. Some of the scenes will be filmed around Shirland and Stonebroom (just north of Alfreton in case you’re unfamiliar with that area) and I will need to replicate a school classroom environment for a couple of scenes. When I shoot the film mostly depends on how long it will take to assemble a cast. I don’t require much in the way of props so once I have cast and locations together and have finalized my Shooting Script, I’ll pretty much be in a position to say “Scene 1, Take 1, aaannnddd ACTION!”

If anyone is interested then they can contact David on email

Thanks to Pat Miller for the info.


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