Mellows-Witches of East

The Mellow Dramatics present

 The Witches of Eastwick

14th to 18th May 2013

Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm

(plus Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm)


The hit West End musical which is making its midlands debut promises to be a devilishly good show!


The story is based around three best friends Alexandra Spofford, Jane Smart, and Sukie Rougemont who are desperately frustrated and bored by their mundane lives in the little town of Eastwick. They all have one shared desire – to find the ‘perfect man’ who comes to life in the form of a charismatic and charming stranger, a ‘devil’ of a character, Darryl Van Horne. Using his powers he seduces each of the women in turn, he teaches them how to tap into their feelings in a way they never thought they could, and further expand the powers they have locked within, although their new unorthodox lifestyle reaps scandal throughout the town.

As these powers become more sinister and events begin to spiral out of control, the women come to realise that Darryl’s influence is destructive and he’s corrupting everyone he comes into contact with. The witches with their new found strength resolve to exile Darryl from their lives and rid Eastwick of his hold for good…..

…..But is it too late?



Thanks to Natalie Summers for the info.


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