‘Fringe’ exhibition by Aleksandr Goncharov

 ‘Fringe’ is a solo exhibition of work by Aleksandr Goncharov running from 22nd February to 23rd March at the Brewhouse. It’s fascinating hearing Aleks talk about his work; there is also an opportunity to join us for refreshments and meet the artist on Monday 4th March from 6 – 8.30pm.

 Alex has been living in Burton for the last 8 years, but comes originally from Rostov on Don in Russia, the work on show is all work produced in Burton, inspired by new and old experiences. Alex’s paintings are inspired by the style of symbolism and surrealism, although he endeavours to create his own style.

 Alex has enjoyed drawing since his childhood; his favourite colour was then orange and later black, these colours are still predominant in his work. Alex’s parents did not see his passion for art as something important and it wasn’t until his mid twenties that he began to take private lessons from art masters, purposely changing his teacher each year. He uses unconventional materials for his paintings, this came about after an experience in art school where a canvas that he admired was cut up with a knife; he says “the sound of the knife cutting through the picture didn’t leave my ears and from then on I decided to use hard materials for my work”

 If we to talk about the things that inspire Alex, it would be impossible to stop at one thing he says; “It could be a story told to me by a friend, a movie, a book, a dream, and sometimes even a phrase which was said out on the street”. For Alex the best time to communicate with a ‘muza’ is a late evening, when the whole house turns quiet, the time stops and he gradually travels to a different dimension.

 Looking at Alex’s pictures, you will also find yourself in a different dimension!

 Thanks to Anna Roebuck for the info.


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